About Our Car Seat Clinics

Our free car seat clinics are run by volunteers from the Toronto Police Auxiliary Traffic Services and certified volunteers. We provide these clinics to help educate and promote car seat safety. Unlike most clinics, we teach you how to do the installation so you become confident in your own skills and knowledge installing car seats, and you are supported throughout the process with our St John and CPSAC certified Car Seat Technicians.

Depending on the age and weight of your child, car seats may be required. You can find the rules in Ontario on the MTO website, here: MTO – Choosing a Car Seat. A properly installed car seat can protect your child in the event of a sudden stop or a car accident. We use the car seat clinics to teach how to properly install a rear or front facing car seat, and explain some of the other aspects of car seat safety that can help you make your car as safe as you possibly can for your little one.

We run these clinics fairly often, and we broadcast about them on social media, so come back frequently if you are looking for our next appointment date.




CPSAC and St John Ambulance Certified Car Seat installers show you how to install your own car seat!