Car Seat Recall Information

As a car seat owner, you can look up recall information as published by Transport Canada, here:  Child Restraint and Booster Seats & Consumer Information Notices. They recommend you check frequently, and always act on the recall information for optimal safety. When you visit our clinics, we will show you  where to find your brand, and year of manufacture on your car seat. You can then use that information to check for recalls on your car seat.

What is an advisory notice?

According to Transport Canada’s website: when a child seat has a defect, does not meet safety standards or has other problems, the Transport Canada website issues advisory notices. The notices tell you if there is a problem with your seat, and what you need to do to have it fixed.

How long are car seats good for?

Transport Canada advises car seat owners on the useful life of a car seat, by brand. You can find that information on their website here: Safe Drivers – Child Safety Notices

When is your next Car Seat Clinic?

You can check for the date of our next clinic, along with booking an appointment for our free car seat clinics, on our car seat appointment page.


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